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On the timeline, the groups are ordered by the year of their "breaktrough".
For some of the artists, this was also the high point of their career, for other this was just the beginning of a career that is still going on to this day.

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A brief history of Belgian Pop Music :

The fifties and the sixties see only the rare exception of original music from Belgium popping up (e.g. Ferre Grignard, The Cousins, The Pebbles, Wallace Collection, heck .. even Soeur Sourire and Rocco Granata). During those decades there was already a lot of music-making going on, but most of the artists did adapations of the songs that were popular abroad. Jacques Brel ... that's a totally different story of course.
The seventies saw a huge number of Flemish Folk singers coming out, showing it was possible to "rock" in their mother tongue (e.g. Johan Verminnen, Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Kris Debruyne ...). There was also a diversification of the music scene with new genres popping up (e.g. hardrock with Irish Coffee, Country with Pendulum, Disco with Two Man Sound, blues with Roland and Tjens Couter, Symphonic Rock with Machiavel ...)
Only after the punk wave of the middle of the seventies (that has brought us The Kids and one of the best/worst punk singles by Plastic Bertrand ...), there was an explosion of energy and fresh new bands : first as an underground movement (e.g. de Brassers, Siglo XX, Front 242, Neon Judgement, Red Zebra, ...), then also with a wide appeal in the so called "Belpop"-generation (e.g. the Machines, T.C.Matic, de Kreuners, Luna Twist, Allez Allez, Lavvi Ebbel, Arbeid Adelt, Jo Lemaire ...).
After a first desillusion of these bands in the middle of the eighties ("Belgium is too small"), a new generation came to the stage with a more mature and sometimes more commercial appeal (e.g. the different groups of the New Beat dance craze, Vaya Con Dios, Arno, Clouseau, Pop Gun, Soulsister, Technotronic, Won Ton Ton ...). These bands all managed to get a serious foothold abroad.
In the nineties, this trend gets even more visible with the emergence of new and internationally appealing artists (like dEUS, Zita Swoon, K's Choice, Axelle Red, Hoover, 2 Unlimited, Metal Molly, Channel Zero, Wizards of Ooze, Evil Superstars, Zap Mama, An Pierlé ...). There is also a new wave of Flemish artists who have taken rock in Dutch to a new level (e.g. Noordkaap, De Mens, Gorki ...) The "average quality" of the music produced in Belgium is still definitely "going up".

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