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On this page, I will present you with as many links as possible to Belgian bands & artists who have decided to share with us surfers some of their music in the MP3 or other high-quality audio format. And I'm talking the full-length thing here, not whimpy 30-sec extracts or so. Needless to say I only will (try to) include links to official files that have been put on the web by the artists, their management or record company themselves.

If you know of some other files on the net, see that a non-official site has crept through or find a dead link on this page, please send me a note. Enjoy ...

Legend : = MP3, = real-audio stream, = Macromedia flash with embedded audio

  • dEUS returned to the land of the living after two sabbatical years with a flurry of releases: "No More Loud Music" a singles-compilation out on November 22, "No More Video", a DVD with video's & data out in December, and "Nothing really ends", a new single out on November 9. On the site of Mao, it can be heard already:
    - Nothing really ends
    - the Videoclip of the same song
  • Venus in Flames is Jan de Campenaere, a one-man band that made a lasting impression at the Rock Rally. Now he has assembled a band and is finally starting to record & release, plus, we get MP3's of it from his website:
    - the new single "Safehaven"
    - Cynthia's Gone
  • Millionaire is the band that Evil Superstars guitarist Tim Vanhamel put together after Mauro had disbanded that band and his tour with dEUS had finished. It's wild, it rocks, funks & grooves and it's undeniably very good. Not convinced? You can pre-listen to the entire "Outside of the Simian Flock" debut album through the site of Mao Magazine:
    - Body Experience Revue
    - Aping Friends
    - Me Crazy, U Sane
    - Champagne
    - Blindfold
    - Come With You
    - She's A Doll
    - Petty Thug
    - Her Gender (fixed)
    - Flame Me Up
    - Nothing Left
    - Summer Pass Me By
  • Mintzkov Luna won the Rock Rally in 1998, but have only one single on their release list so far. On their (clumsy but cute) website they give a good sample of their music, with their entry in the Stubru-contest to make the best cover of the classic TC Matic song:
    - Putain Putain (De Prijs inzending)
  • Monza is of course the new band of ex-Noordkaap & loudmouth Stijn Meuris. The debut album of this rock/prog band with Dutch lyrics is called "Van God Los" after their first single. The CD will hit the shops on September 28, but the promo-machines is already rolling: they are putting up songs for download and listen at the site of Humo & Stubru (the real-audio files are low quality streams).
    - Viva Las Vegas
    - Zijn Naam Veel Te Luid
    - Scheiding Kerk en Staat
    - Reden Tot Zang
    - Mitrailleur
    - Naïviteit
    - Tegenstand is mooi
    - Parvenu
    - Alleen te zijn en hoe ermee om te gaan
  • GidovanGent is a world traveler from Ghent, who has returned to his home city to sing the blues/country/his songs (in a production of dirk Blanchart). His self-titled debut album came out in august 2001, and on his website, he presents two tracks from it :
    - Mayuko (a Hank Williams clasic, in the dialect of Ghent)
    - Plant den boel moar vol
  • Ghinzu is a band from Brussels that has made quite an impressive debut album (review here). On their website you can listen to a number of soundbites from the album, but there's also one mp3-treat:
    - R2D3 (Das Pop remix) (on the songs-page)
  • Gore Slut is one of the myriad of bands in which Rudy Trouvé (who got his fame when he was part of dEUS) plays the main part (e.g. Dead Man Ray, Kiss My Jazz, Cynthia Appleby, etc...). The loudest of these projects is Gore Slut, with which he has already released three albums. On the site of Mao-Magazine, they let us listen to three tracks from the latest album, which is entitled "Girl + Turtles":
    - Crawling to Target 1
    - Moon
    - Stop
  • Eden claim to be untouched by the departure of the foxy Roos van Acker, and indeed the "replacement girl" Nathalie resembles her very much (in sound and hair). A new Eden album is in the making, but in August they already released a single that was distributed freely in MP3-format through a number of sites (Stubru, Humo, Telenet ...)
    - Push-Up (link from the site
  • Flexa Lyndo, gentle guitar-rock band from Namur, who have just finished recording their seond album Little Everyday Masterplan (a review of the 1st one "45 minutes" can be found here). Here and there, they are giving away mp3 of some of their new songs
    - Obi (opening track of the new album, from their own site)
    - Slacker's Revenge (from a mini-site at webzine Nameless)
    - Fat Ass (same place, and the prize for the longest MP3-filename)
  • Chitlin Fooks is the cooperation of singer Carol van Dijck (of the wonderful Dutch band Bettie Serveert), with Pascal Deweze (Metal Molly, Sukilove), aided by people from El Tattoo del Tigre, The Sands, Flowers for Breakfast & The Kids (Pascal Deweze, Pieter van Buyten, Stoffel Verlackt, Guy Van Nueten). Their country-blended album is already out in the States, but we'll have to do with a few full-length audio-tracks from their site for now ...
    - How Many Times
    - Homework for sale
    - Seen it all
    (from a page about the band at Vitaminic)
  • Automatic Buffalo is the new outlet for Luc De Vos (Gorki), who has teamed up with most of the ex-Ashbury Faiths (who are now playing in Yum, Angelico, Camden ...) and has switched to English lyrics. The first four-track EP was released in July 2001, but the titletrack can be downloaded for free for the Automatic Bufalo site:
    - All Men Are Equal
  • Sioen is often referred to as "Man Pierlé", a male version of singer An Pierlé behind the piano. His voice and style are different enough though and promise for the future. On the web, this marketeer gives away the first songs he recorded in the studio (on the audio page of his website):
    - Souvenir / Too good to be true / See you naked / Sixteen ladies / On the move / Wild wild West / Shy
  • Jaman! is a reggae band from Ghent (or as they sey themselves "JAMAN! is 7 kaukasian rasta’s from the Belgian Ghent surroundings (or was it outer space?)". On the web, they present a number of MP3's from "Topless gangbang lessons" (on the audio page of their website)
    - Respect ("if you got sensimillia, you ain't need viagra to feel allright")
    - I've been lonely for so long
    - Talk talk
    - Yellow shine
  • DobroJean is the name of a talented lapsteel-guitar player . He presents a number of real-audio files and a few MP3's from his newest album "D Capital J" on his official website.
    - Hard to get bored (on the audio page)
    - No Nothing (on the audio page)
  • Rock Herk is a festival in the noisy/guitar genre, and promotes the festival each year with a cd. The last 2 editions of the CD are online on the Rock Herk Website in MP3-format (with bands such as Modest Mouse, Rasmus, 7Zuma7, Senser, Osdorp Posse ...). Tracks from Belgian bands there are:
    - Geschmackverstärker - Atomic Fuck
    - Zornik Breknov - Killed in the end
    - Reiziger - Grab and nailed
  • Boenox is a band from Kasterlee that often gets compared to Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung, as they also use classical instruments but still make music with drive. On the site of Petrol-Mo, they provide the single from the album:
    - Summer City Lounge
  • Sharko (aka David Bartholomé) was supposed to be released in France by Les Disques Mange-Tout, but in the end Bang distributed his album "Meeuws" there itself. The MP3 presented is a Cheap Trick cover, live i the "Olympic" in Nantes:
    - I want you to want me (on the audio-page, 2/3rd's down the page)
  • Filip Kowlier, one of the two emCees of the West-vlaamse hiphopband 't Hof van Commerce has wandered off on a solo-escapade and is putting together a solo-cd. His first promo-single "Kwestie van Organisatie" can be downloaded for free from the site (bottom of page, in the drop-down box).
  • Bar 8 (Bart Amand & Co) present 2 MP3's at the site of Wald&Schutz:
    - Serious Clown (on the MP3-page, top left), the debut single from the album "Dwarfish Spectacles"
    - Dancing Figure (on the MP3-page, top middle)
    - there's also a solo-song by the singer Bart-Amand: Young man Falling Sour (on the MP3-page, bottom left)
  • Airlock, triphop band with three belgian producers and Scottish-Turkish singer Esra Tasasiz, present an "Airlock Sampler" in real-audio on their page at their English label "One Little Indian". The songs presented here are also included on their debut album.
    - DJ Risk vs. Airlock (on the Airlock page)
    - Facedown (idem)
    - Quiet Hour (idem)
  • Wawadadakwa, a funny partyband from Antwerp, present 2 MP3's at the site of Wald&Schutz:
    - Emilio (on the MP3-page, top middle), a song that's also on their debut album "Voor Mama"
    - Volla (on the MP3-page, top right), live-recording from Radio1-show 'Levende Lijven'
  • Bherman English singer-songwriter who waited some 20 years to begin producing music offers 2 MP3's on his official site
    - Only One (on the home page, 2nd block from the right)
    - Solitary Vine (on the home page, rightmost block)
  • Kamino, band from Antwerp, present two covers of Kisrty MacColl songs they recently included on the flipside of the single "I have got to love me" (from the fine album "Universal Love Music") at their site:
    - They don't know (on the MP3-page)
    - Solitary Vine (on the MP3-page)
  • C.O.E.M. is short for Coin Operated Entertainment Machine, and is a one-man band which has put up some MP3-track from their album "Wizzel Wo" up at their (german) site :
    - Put on Some Music (on the Music-page)
    - Small Signals of Love (on the Music-page)
    - there's also a nice live video (real) of "The Good Captain" at VPRO club Lek
  • The Dill Brothers, Belgian ska-band present some older tracks at their official website:
    - Judge Dread (on the MP3-page)
    - Kafou (on the MP3-page)
    - Brown Man (on the mp3-page)
  • Give Buzze, the blues-live band par excellence in this country, gives away two tracks from their one and only album at their official site
    - I'm Riding (on the music-page)
    - Maureen (on the music-page)
  • Kommil Foo (cabaret duo with musical talents) gives away 1 song (and a number of 1min fragments) at their fine official site
    - Spits (on the page about the album "Plank")



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