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Whenever an artist has some good websites devoted to him/her, the links are at the bottom of his/her own page. Here are some other more general links, some of which provide excellent resources to discover more about Belgian music :

Other general websites about Belgian Music.

- news and information about the Flemish music scene (all genres)
- The Belgian Band List : a very long list of Belgian groups and their presence on the internet.
- Benelux Blues Scene cool site : Blues in Belgium.
- De Vlaamse afrekening : an "all-time hitparade" of groups from over here.
- Belgian Independent Music : pointers to starters.
- Belgian Underground bands : metal and alternative.
- KKunst (Het Doosje) an initiative that concentrates on "kleinkunst".
- Dutch Guitar Files : Tabs & Partitures of Belgian and Dutch bands
-, loads of biographies
- Vlaanderen Zingt, an enormous "collection" of dutch lyrics
- Waltertje's Lyrics site also collects lyrics by Belgian artists, not only dutch
- Belgiummp3 cool site (formerly, a sort of vitaminic for Belgian bands
- Dancevibes, celebrating the (commercial) belgian dance scene
- Deadbeattown, actually a site about Rudy Trouvé, but his influence stretches far
- Rawbeats about the Belgian hip-hop scene
- De Showbizzsite, info & news about the commercial & flemish music bizz
- Demopoll cool site, three new demo's each week to be judged by you (poppunt & Stubru).

Other Belgian sites about music.

- news and information about the Flemish music scene (all genres)
- Scan : daily popnews and such on Studio Brussel
- Up To Music cool site : cd-reviews, music news, short biographies
- The Ticket, free pocket-sized booklet, and a site with the same content
- Mao-geluid cool site : Mao-Magazine offres musical freebies now and then
- Telenet-breedband - music : Music news, streaming radio, sitelinks ...
- Move-X : another free dance-oriented magazine with a web-presence
- Volders' Muziekquiz A very nice music quiz.
- Ultra, one of the few decent Belgain e-zines.
- Sonic Barrier, Belgian site about Goa Trance, Psychedelic Techno and Drum'n'Bass.
- Nameless cool site, nice zine from the South.
- O Flow : concertgangers kondigen concerten aan en becommentariëren achteraf
- Thomas Van Sundert's Rock Music Site
- GoForMusic : Online tickets & concert news with Pay&Go
- Prog-Nose : keeps an eye out for Progressive rock
- Hell's Laughter : black metal fans site
- Goddeau cool site: "your central culture station", nice articles on podium, music, literature, comics, film ...
- Punkupdates: news about releases in the punk scene by Hein from Schaffen.

Clubs, concert halls, organizers ...

- Ancienne Belgique cool site: most active concert hall in Brussels. Nice website, too.
- Beursschouwburg : centre for the arts Brussel, including attention for new forms of music.
- Botanique : very active concert hall in Brussels. Home of the festival "les nuits du botanique"
- Cahier de Brouillon, café annex music hall in Hoogstraten.
- Het Candelaershuys : a concert room that nicely introduces all artists who pass by (only in Dutch)
- Democrazy : club in Ghent.
- Hof Ter Lo / CC Luchtbal : in Antwerp / Borgerhout.
- Lintfabriek : (mostly hardcore) concerts in Kontich
- Magasin 4 : Club in Brussels
- De Media : youth club in Eeklo
- Spirit of 66 Spirit of 66, a concert hall (blues, rock) in Verviers.
- STUC : culture centre in Leuven
- Cultuurcafé : cultural branch of the VUB in Brussels
- Vooruit : great building & concert hall in Ghent.
- Travers : oldest jazz club of Brussels, also programs world music & blues
- Cactus : Club in Bruges, best known for the Cactusfestival and Klinkers.
- Nijdrop : active youthclub in Opwijk
- De Kreun : club in Bissegem
- Music Hall, organizers of mega-events & musicals

Festivals ...

- Alive, Rock-festival in the german-speaking region of St-Vith
- Antilliaanse Feesten : one of the more steaming events
- Beach Rock, the third of the big three. At the beach in the middle of July.
- Belgian Rhythm & Blues Festival. Yearly blues-fest in Peer.
- Boogietown, blues-festival in Louvain-La-Neuve.
- Boterhammen in de Stad : civil servants chew their sandwiches to the tones of sweet music
- Cactus Festival : quality festival (& club) in Bruges
- Couleur Café : colourful festival on the grounds of Turm & Taxi's in Brussels
- Dijlefeesten : Festival on the Vismarkt in Mechelen
- Dour cool site. Dynamic site about this vibrant festival.
- Dranouter, very popular folkfestival with a rather clumsy site.
- Eurorock, Festival in Neerpelt with nostalgia to 80's wave
- Francofolies : "la chanson d'expression francophone", in Spa
- Ginsert, gratis festival in Genk tglv Swingin' Genk
- Girls on Stage : nothing but girls, and some women. And a few men accompanying 'em.
- Hove Live : in Hove.
- Jazz Bilzen : the legendary rock/blues/jazz festival that put Belgium on the music-map in the sixties. In 1998 an attempt was made to revive it, and a site was made that also features an extensive look into the history of the festival.
- Jazz Middelheim, two days of Jazz near Antwerp
- Lokerse Feesten, one of the better (almost) free festivals.
- Marktrock Leuven cool site, in the middle of August with loads of Belgian bands scattered on many and mostly free stages throughout the city.
- Nerorock, Free festival in Hoeilaart (the belgian town known for the grapes).
- Maanrock : free festival in Mechelen
- Leffinge Leure : in Leffinge.
- Nandrin, rock & blues festival in the vicinity of Liège
- Les Nuits Botanique : usually high-quality series of concerts in Brussels, in September
- Pukkelpop : at the end of August, biggest "alternative" festival.
- Reggae Geel : Geel is home of the Belgian nutcases, and of Belgian rasta's
- Rock Herk : free festival with quality international experimental rock
- Rock Werchter cool site: previously known as Torhout/Werchter or T/W. Traditionally the biggest festival in Belgium, internationally renound & home of the infamous Herman "sherman" Schueremans & Stageco. First weekend of July.
- Sfinks : one of the cosiest festivals (when it's not raining cats & dogs) in Boechout
- Suikerrock : Free festival on the main square in Tienen
- Ten Days Off : one of the top European techno events, in Ghent
- Verdur Rock : rock-festival in the region of Namur
- Windorock in Oosterzele, dance, retro, rock & metal in one festival.

- Festivalitis : Humo's definitive festival calender
- Festivalsite : Planet internet maintains list of festivals

Ticketing & Concert Calendars.

- TTT: Humo's concert calendar
- Fnac events agenda (tickets not online, but in their shops)
- In The Pocket, online tickets for the Botanique ...
- AB Ticketshop, online purchasing of tickets for the Ancienne Belgique
- GoFor Music, reservation of tickets for the main musical concerts
- Sherpa, cultural agenda
- Tele Ticket Service, tickets for event in the Antwerp Sportpaleis
-, belgian version of ticket bureau
- Ticket club, tickets for big-scale events (Vorst Nationaal ...)

Pop & Politics (government controlled initiatives for promotion, subisidies ...)

- Popbeleid : the Flemish policies on pop music
- Service général des Arts de la Scène, the policies of the French-speaking community
- Zamu - the "union" of musicians. No site, just an e-mail :
- Muziekcentrum : the "support" of professional musicians in Flanders
- Poppunt : support & advice for amateur musicians
- Pop in de Provincies, overview of Provincial initiatives in this field (and their rock contests Limbomania, Rockvonck, Westtalent, Latent Talent, Oostvlaams Rockconcours ...)
- La Médiatheque cool site: Site of the media-collection of the French community.

Record Labels.

- Alfa-matrix: innovative electronic music, like Aïboforcen
- Antler-Dance : Praga Khan, 2 Fabiola, Milk Inc, Absolom ...
- AREDJE, independent label for walloon anarcho-punks René Binamé & Les Slugs
- ARS productions : Technotronic, Katastroof, M-Kids, ...
- BMG-Ariola Belgium : K3, Betty, Danaë, Blue Blot, Johan Verminnen ...
- Bonzai : Belgian dance-label, now with Lightning Records : Yves Deruyter, M.I.K.E. ...
- BYTE : Sylver, D-Devils, The Oh, 2 Unlimited ...
- Crammed : World-oriented label that started in Brussels
- Kinky Star De Bossen, Hof van Commerce, Mambo Chillum ...
- I Scream Records : Gwyllions, Deviate, Paranoiacs ...
- Labelman (& Tout Partout) cool site: Kamino, Vandal X, Fence ...
- LC Music : Riguelle & Hautekiet, Schedelgeboorten ...
- Lowlands / Downsall : Dubtales, Kretek, Roberto Musci, DJ Grazhoppa
- Magnet Records : Tongue, Stache, Cunzi, All Eyes West ...
- Parsifal : Bert de Coninck, Red Zebra, Walter Debuck ...
- PIAS of Play It Again Sam : Front 242, Scabs e.d. in the past, nu with Mauro, Das Pop, Soulwax, De Mens & Thou.
- Play That Beat : Bart Kaell, Luc Steeno, Get Ready!, Mama's Jasje, Willy Sommers
- 62TV Records : Austin Lace, Blimey, Flexa Lyndo ...
- Sony Music Belgium, Gorki, DAAU, Yum, K's Choice, Hooverphonic ...
- U-cover : electronic experimental music, like Starfish Pool, Quench, Lusine ...
- Virgin Music Belgium : Arno, Zap Mama, Axelle Red, Laïs, Dead Man Ray ...
- Wild Boar Music : Kadril, Shantalla, (Bub), Fluxus ...
- (K-RAA-K)3 : Wio, Köhn ...


- Proxis cool site: Brussels-based internet shop (most famous for it's booksales, but also with an impressive cd-department). The closest thing to a Belgian Amazon you'll find.
- JJ Records cool site: shop in Leuven, specialized in some more alternative styles of music. No online-sales though.
- HVH : site of the Dutch chain that has a few "concrete" shops in Belgium too. Generally quite expensive.
- Azur : book & cd-shop linked to the VUM-group. Generally on the expensive side, but some bargains.
- El Cheapo : Dutch site with a script that searches dozens of cd-shops for the cheapest prizes. In guilders.
- Belgian site that gives free full-length real-audio of all the tracks (MP3 & on CD) they're selling. Indie labels.
- Music Mania : in Ghent, "in business for cutting edge music".

Media ...
- Cucamonga cool site: the best Radio1 music-program, that puts great care in distributing their playlists and great quality interviews online.
- Het Belang van Limburg, newspaper that puts up some articles on the web each day
- Gazet van Antwerpen, same structure as BvL, but that's because it's from the same group. Emphasis on Antwerp.
- Het Nieuwsblad, no daily update, but puts up most interviews & cd-reviews on the web.
- De Standaard, daily dose of quality news-coverage online, with lots of culture + medianews
- Humo cool site, Home of the infamous TTT-redaction, strong opinions about good music since the sixties. Has a nice agenda, reviews, tv-guide & links-section ...
- Le Soir, quality newspaper from the south, website serves up a lot of articles from the current day, no archive.
- Studio Brussel cool site, eclectic & youthful radio, home of "De Afrekening".
- Donna, feel-good radio with famous personalities behind the microphone.
- Radio 1, info-radio with also some interesting programs such as De Melkweg, Cucamonga & Rang 1 (who did an interview with me in November '98)
- Topradio, commercial radio-station, specializing in hitparade & commercial dance-stuff.
- UR-Gent, student radio in Ghent, live on the web.
- VTM, commercial television in the North, home of the infamous "Tien om te zien" & "Het gevoel van .."
- TV1, public television for the flemish part of Belgium, home of the infamous "Muziekdoos" &"Swingpaleis".
- Canvas, second net of the public television, home of "Nonkel Pop".
- Radio 21 cool site, french-language pop/rock radio. Home of "Rock à Go Go" and other cool stuff.
- RTBF, the public television & radio for the french-speaking part of Belgium.
- KRO Leidsekade, dutch radio-show a with a lot of attention for Belgian (live)-music.
- Essentie : Cable-radio of Gust De Coster, wants to become Radio Roxy.
- TMF, belgo-dutch clip station, with attention for the local produce
- Jim-TV : youthful tv-station from the commercial chain, with lots of clips & music

Other sources to learn about Belgian Music

Apart from the web, there are also some excellent books, publications, magazines ... to learn more about the History of Belgian Pop. Here are just a few :
- La Belle Gigue by Thierry Coljon: Journalist of newspaper Le Soir tells the stories behind the principal artists from Wallonia & Brussels with (a bit too much) attention for their "belgitude". From Brel to les Snuls. Came with a double CD at release. (Editions Luc Pire)
- Rock over Belgium by Kris Dierckx : this collector of Belgian music has made up a discography of Belgian Music from 1957 to 1997 that contains a listing of over 8000 singles and 2800 albums. The book costs 450 Belgian fr. and can be bought at record fairs, record shop Vynilla in Ghent or by getting in touch with the author himself : Kris Dierckx, Veldbraak 1, 2431 Laakdal or
- Oor's Eerste Nederlandse Pop Encyclopedie. Published every two years, this Dutch pop encyclopedia contains always quite some information about Belgian pop groups and artists. The Latest edition is number 11 and is of 1997. The information is precise and extensive, but sometimes quite elitist in it's approach.
- Wit-lof from Belgium - 40 jaar popgeschiedenis in BelgiŽ, by Gust Decoster and Geert De Bruycker. Excellent resource published in 1990 by the BRT. The book was accompanied by a series of four CD's covering the fifties to the eighties. At the back of the book there is an exhaustive (yet incomplete) discography for most Belgian artists. This book can only be bought at record fairs or at the adresses that are mentioned under "Rock over Belgium". Very few are left, so hurry up to pick up your copy !
- Big in Belgium, by Jan Delvaux (ed. Hadewijch, Studio Brussel). Another book accompanied by a CD, but of a more recent nature. The book provides a look into the backstage area of Belgian Pop. The form is a series of 10 chapters (almost essays) on various topics, such as independent record labels, the media, the government, one-hit wonders, Belgians abroad etc ...
- Het Belgisch Hitboek 1959-1989, by Robert Collin, edition : Boek, Zonhoven. Book containing all the songs and artists which made it into the Belgian hitparede between 1959 and 1989. There is also a newer edition of this book, ranging from 1957 to 1997.
- De Komplete Kleinkunstgeschiedenis, by Manu Adriaens - Globe, 1998 - focuses on the artists singing in Dutch (both from Belgium & Holland).
- De Vlaamse Show-Encyclopedie, by Marc Bungeneers & Marcel Dickmans - Uitgeverij Van Hemeldonck, Turnhout, 1994 - also has biographies of Flemish (mostly commercial) artists singing in Dutch.
- Humo. Belgian weekly magazine that was one of the first to really give some serious attention to Rock Music. It's also a very objective referee for Belgian Bands and always compares these with the international groups around. The critics of Humo can make or break a serious rock band. Humo has an excellent website, on which you can find quite a lot of musical resources.
- Télé-Moustique - French-speaking equivalent of Humo, with the same influence south of the language border.
- Knack. Another magazine which occasionaly features articles on Belgian (and of course international) music (especially when Jacky Huys, who died in 1998, was still writing for the magazine). Also home of Jan Delvaux, who wrote a nice article about this site.
- Joepi. One of the oldest music-only magazines in Belgium. Focuses on "popular" music and is aimed at pre-teen and teen audiences.
- VERN. musical magazine (founded 1998) with a CD inside -on which mostly Belgian artists- and lots of interviews & record reviews. Apperently gone broke after two editions.
- Stage (formerly Backstage) music-info for & by musicians (interviews, cd-reviews, instrument-tests)
- Muziekkrant : Another music publication that only lived a few editions (in 1999).
- Teek : youthful magazine with quite a bit of attention for musical happenings.
- RifRaf. Free monthly magazine, yet good in quality. Volunteer writers review & interview everything & everybody that dares to come near a microphone




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