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Maurice Engelen & Oliver Adams of Praga Khan

"... when we had finished four tracks or so, the material was becoming very visual. We kept on seeing visual elements popping up, such as a flowercanon for Werchter to shoot flowers instead of confetti. The clips for the songs were immediately materialised in front of our eyes. That's also why the album turned out to be quite psychedelic"

Luc De Vos of Gorki

"As far as producers go, the good ones come in very short supply here in Belgium. You gan either go to Tom Barman, but he doesn't have time to do it, or you can go to Raymond Van Het Groenewoud or Jean Blaute, but than it turns out really bad"

Laurens & Danny of Deviate

"We're here 8 years already, have done a Japanese tour, that should speak for itself. Hardcore in Belgium is alive and kicking and clearly has a future, even if that's not so clear in the press."

Roos & Philip of Eden

"We didn't want to make an experimental CD as dEUS wanted to make. We're not ready for that yet. We just want to make short pop songs that are really appealing."

Beverly Jo Scott

"Well when I don´t get the opportunity to gig because I don´t have a new record, I just take my damn guitar and I go playing. I´m not waiting for the business to say when I can sing, screw that!"


"In hindsight, perhaps it was a good thing we haven't won the Belgian Eurosong-preselection, because it's so dangerous. But I'm sure Belgium will do pretty good this year."

Roel van Camp en Buni Lenski of DAAU

"It just isn't fair : we have to work like hell to get some volume from our instruments, while others just crank up the volume-knob, use some distortion and off they are."




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