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What this site is all about
Where is the audio?
How can I add something ?

What this site is all about.

The Belgian Pop Archives are trying to become a reference point for all surfers looking for information about Belgian musical artists and groups.
The emphasis for the moment still somewhat on music of the eighties, but more recent and older material is being added all the time.

For most groups/artists, the layout contains the following elements :

help.gif (9046 bytes)

1. Navigational Bar. You find direct links to the different ways of navigating the site.

2. The Biography

3. The list of members (if the page is for a band)

4. The discography. If not available, this is sometimes replaced with a list of singles that became hits

5. Weblinks for the selected artist

6. Properties of the audio-extract just below.
This includes :
- The title of the song
- The length of the extract, and the size of the download
- The songwriters and the producer
- The year of release
- The Record Company.

7. Sleeve for the song, of which you can hear the audio extract by clicking on it.

8. Alternative text-only links to other parts of the site.

Where is the Audio ?

The audio (short extracts of the group's best songs), are reachable under the record sleeves in the right column of each page, or indicated with a small -icon..

The audio-format is real-audio™. Since I don't dispose of a streaming server, the audio-extracts have the file-extension .ram, which will ensure they will play uninterrupted. Another advantage of this approach is that you can replay the song a few times, without having to burden my server anymore.

To listen to the audio, you will of course need an audio-card and some sort of speakers attached to your computer. Supposing you have these, everything else you need to have is the RealAudio™-plugin. You can download this for free (only the "Plus"-player has to be payed for) directly from the realaudio-website. All versions above Realplayer 3.0 can handle the format.
Real-audio doesn't exactly make it easy to make a link to the free version of the realplayer (they try sneaking you into downloading the RealPlayer Plus, which is a paid version) : most of the time the path = -> download real-player -> RealPlayer X is our free player.

How can I add something ?

The most simple way is to mail the thing you want to add to
If you're in (or close to) a band, you can find more info on how you can be part of the archive on this page.
Alternatively, you can toss up something in the forum.




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Dirk Houbrechts stopped working at The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives (you can read his personal statement here). The website is now entrusted to the Flanders Music Centre ( Contact:

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Last update to this site : March 2002.

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