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Here it is, one of those dreaded attempts to "categorize" music, stick "labels" on musicians. This is by no means a "judgement" on the groups, just an attempt to group the bands on a basis of "if you like this band, chances are you'll also like the others in that category".
I've ordered them in 4 big groups, although some acts appear in more than 1 :

  • Pop / Rock ...
    - Pop (Lio, Pas De Deux, The Radios, The Wallace Collection ...)
    - Rock (Arid, The Scabs, K's Choice, The Pebbles, TC Matic ...)
    - Dutch Rock (Raymond vh Groenewoud, De Kreuners, Verminnen, De Mens ...)
    - Female Pop/Rock (Eden, Elisa Waut, An Pierlé, Won Ton Ton ...)
    - Electronic Pop / Synth (Nacht Und Nebel, Telex, Polyphonic Size, 2 Belgen ...)
    - Soul (Jess & James, Axelle Red ...)
    - Flemish Showbizz (Jimmy Frey, Guido Belcanto, Louis Neefs ...)
    - French Chanson (Adamo, Jacques Brel, Marka, Maurane ...)

  • Dance / Funk / Industrial / Hip & Triphop ...
    - Funk / Danceable Pop (Allez Allez, Lavvi Ebbel, Wizards of Ooze ...)
    - New Beat / Techno / House (Technotronic, Praga Khan, 2 Unlimited ...)
    - Hip-hop / Rap (ABN, 't Hof van Commerce, Starflam ...)
    - Industrial (Front 242, Luc Van Acker, The Neon Judgement ...)
    - Triphop (Hooverphonic, Cinérex, Ozark Henry ...)

  • Alternative / Grunge / Punk / Wave ...
    - Indie Rock (dEUS, Evil Superstars, Arbeid Adelt, Zita Swoon...)
    - Grunge / Heavy Rock (Channel Zero, Soulwax, Metal Molly ...)
    - Punk (The Kids, Aroma di Amore, Red Zebra, de Lama's ...)
    - Wave / Gothic / Doom (Siglo XX, de Brassers, Poésie Noire ...)
    - Garage Rock (La Muerte, The Paranoiacs, The Romans ...)

  • Blues / Folk / Reggae / World Music ...
    - Blues / Bluesrock (Big Bill, Roland, El Fish, Ferre Grignard, Arno...)
    - Kleinkunst / Folk (Soeur Sourire, Rum, Ivan Heylen ...)
    - Instrumental (Francis Goya, Wim Mertens, DAAU, André Brasseur ...)
    - Lounge / Easy Listening (Viktor Lazlo, Anna Domino ...)
    - World Music (Zap Mama, Two Man Sound, Vaya Con Dios ...)
    - Humour (Sttellla, Urbanus, Kamagurka, Hugo Mathysen ...)
    - Reggae / Ska (The Skyblasters, Employees ...)
    - Country (Bobbejaan Schoepen, Pendulum ...)


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